COVID-19 Ready Badge

This badge assures your customers that you are prepared for the post-COVID era. Since the safety and well-being of everyone is important your business has taken all the necessary precautions following the COVID-19 outbreak.

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Placing the COVID-19 READY Badge on your site means that your business have made some changes due to the COVID-19 outbreak to be as safe as possible. Such as more frequent sanitization or maintaining social distance.


What is the badge?

The COVID-19 READY badge is a special label for businesses that have made some precautions following the COVID-19 outbreak (more frequent sanitization etc.). It makes customers and employees feel safer and informed.

How can I get the badge?

Getting the badge is simple:

1. Fill in the info under the section COVID-19 Precautions and click "Next."

2. Have your business professionally sanitize by a reputable cleaning company.

3. Congrats! You just got the badge! It will be added to your website and business place to let your customers know your space is prepared and safe.

Why should I have it?

By presenting this badge, you give your customers and employees precious information and makes them feel safe. Since your business has been COVID-19 Verified and have added - Hand Sanitizers Available - More Frequent Sanitization - Signs with Tips for Prevention - Practicing Social Distancing.

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